Bucket List

We all need to be lifted up and encouraged at times and the Bible is a great source for encouragement. The Bible is the living word of God and feeds us through the promises of God found in scripture.

Matthew 6:34  Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

Does anyone or have you thought about a “bucket list”?  Things you would like to do or accompolish before your journey on this earth ends.  Well I made a bucket list, 2 whole pages, and the reason why you may ask? Well, when you have experienced near death experiences on multiple occasions your perspectives on life and living change, or mine have. Many times I find myself anxious about what I cannot control in life. Are you with me so far? Well, there are so many situations in life that people are in, and they are many times heart wrenching that leave you wondering why.  Why do people live in a constant state of negativity, why do people live in a life of unhappiness or complacency  why do people turn to drugs and alcohol?  I believe we get status quo with many things in life, worried what people will think or do if you finally make changes in your life.  Again, you just learn to live with that life. Today I want to tell you something , I have faced death in the face many times, I have talked to my friend I call my butterfly, and let me just say this girl certainly intends to fulfill her bucket list. ! God has shown favor where we absolutely do not deserve. But He also wants the very best for us. Have you let life pass you by? Have you worked your self silly, and not enjoyed the fruits of your labor? Have you just coasted through life in fear of something or someone, and finally just fear of living.  As I laugh at myself I think how silly my bucket list is, such simple things, and yet I know many are unreachable and unattainable. But does that mean you give up on your wants, needs or the desires of your heart. Christ want’s to be the desire of your heart, but He also wants the very best for us.  Then why don’t we choose those things, instead of ignoring His call on our lives. Oh yes I know why, Oh my what will people think, people will look at me as less than, people won’t understand, and so on. Well we have to decide how we want to live the remainder of our lives out. I realize that due to things beyond my control medically, my brain doesn’t work the way it once did. The doctors have said it most likely never will be the same. I can live with that, I have to! But wow, it gets exhausting to try to become the person you were before a tragic event in your life, especially knowing it won’t likely ever be the same. So what to do? Trust in The Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding, but follow Him and He will see us through.  I am working on my bucket list….maybe you should give it a try, it might change your life.  Today is another new day, live it to the fullest, it may be your last chance.

Be blessed




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