Child our cries have awoken The master

Well today is a new and beautiful day. Aren’t you thankful that our Father knows what today and tomorrow and forever holds. Many times I find myself getting submerged in the negative things of life.  Brokeness, hurt, anger, distrust. You get the point.  As I go to those places I have to sometimes be jolted into reality. But sometime I just get upset and think come on Lord, what’s the deal are you not listening, hey I’m here, I’m scared, I’m sad, do you see me do you hear me do you care anymore? Yeah Yeah I know give me a break it’s my party and I’ll cry if i want to. Man can you imagine when the apostles and Jesus were crossing the sea, and at the time it was calm…no worries everybody is content and happy. There is a song I love, that describes what I am trying to say here are the words:


proverbs 3:5-6

Crossing the calm sea with jesus,
the disciples were getting concerned,
the winds started violently blowing,
but he was asleep in the stearn,
does he not care that we perish?
we’re helpless and we’re so afraid,
jesus arose when they called him,
and said to them where is your faith?

Because you’ve prayed all night,
does he not care that we perish?
we’re helpless and we’re so afraid,you’ve
held on with all of your might, child your cries have
awoken the master. oh he knows your voice, lift your
hands it’s time to rejoice, child your cries have
awoken the master.

It hit you without any warning,
the storm of your life had begun,
seeing no hope in the distance,
you’re frightened and nowhere to run,
by now your vessel is filling,
and you’re thinking that you’ll surely drown,
you cried out for help from the savior,
and you know you cant give up now…

So DON’T give up now! The Savior is right on time, right where we need him, and right there beside us. You may feel your sinking with all of life throws at you, but that does not change the fact that Christ is right there for His children….EVERY TIME!







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