What is your Story?

Did you know that besides the greatest story ever told, which is the Story of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, is your Story!  So what is your story is it GREAT? Is it just so so,! Does it matter? Yes It matters! Our story, no matter how meaningless you may think it is there is a life that can be changed by your story. I heard something this morning that really made me think.  How can Jesus turn our hurts into Hallelujahs. It’s not through ethnic cleansing’s, rituals, It’s the resurrection that turns every midnight to a sunrise. Every hurt into a victory. We lose sight of who our Story comes from It comes from our Creator, our Father, our First Love Jesus Christ. The enemy wants us to wallow in self condemnation, but Romans 8:1 says to them who ARE IN CHRIST JESUS there is no condemnation. Who walk after the spirit and not the flesh. Forced love is a contradiction to God’s love, because He is Love! God didn’t destroy evil, HE DEFEATED it Hallelujah!  You know the bible says you can’t be truly saved less the spirit draws you. You can’t just decide Oh today I’m gonna decide to become a Christian, well you can.. IF it comes from the Spirit drawing you! We are saved by the Blood and sealed until the day of redemption.What has been decreed by heaven can’t be un-decreed. Since God gave us His Son do we really thin He will hold anything back. Thank God He Paid everything in Full!  Testelisti Paid in Full.

Blessings and love to all.



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