Look for me!

The events of this week have led me to really analyze my life once again!  Or maybe a daily analysis is something we should practice constantly anyway. We have lost several people we have come to know through the years, and yet in this mix we have lost a friend that was a very precious part of our lives. Like me, she has also asked like Paul about the thorn in the flesh  and that it be removed. It seems in so many different ways that our sufferings yet similar and life threatening, she had endured many more years of agony. I am so privileged to have know her and to call her sister, and friend. Our lives can become so complicated with just mundane things. And i for one am one of those that can get caught up in so much that I should never walk into.  But as we come into this beautiful Christmas season we need to look at the the amazing miricles that God places in our lives minute by minute. As much as I could choose to look at the sad and bad I plan on looking at the good and positive. My life in itself is a daily miricle, and I mean that in every sense of word. So today I choose to begin my day today and every foot forward to give honor and glory to my Father in Heaven. I thank Him for every answered and unanswered prayer I thank Him for up and down time and every breath I take. I am thankful for my thorn in  the flesh, it keeps me praying, it keeps me humble and it keeps me so much more in tune with Jesus Christ. I love you Lord.

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