What a difference a year makes

As I sit and ponder on the past year there have been many changes, many heart aches, much laughter, great tragedy! How do we pull those together for good? Romans 8:28 For I know all things work together for the good of those who love The Lord and are called according to His purpose! When we are the ones going through tragedy it’s easier said then done isn’t it? In a few days the anniversary of my 37 yr old nephew died tragically, it has been an emotional roller coaster for the family! My overall health seems better so I’m praising Him for that, and of course the release of a book I would never thought possible to write, the loss of our oldest sister the healthiest one of us all and she went first. Oh and the disappointments of life I could name a few , but in all of this here is the deal, many times we are fooled or made a fool of, many times we are held high on a pedistal that we don’t belong on, but guess who is there to carry us you and me?! Jesus Christ and through tragedy, loss, big mistakes and little ones He is still faithful and true to carry us through. I have been made out to be a huge fool and maybe I am but Thank you Lord you are my only judge that I have to give an account to! Who we All have to give an account to. So hold on tight when those flood gates open…. and they will look up and grab ahold to The one and only lifeline we really have Jesus Christ!

Never give up on your hope in Christ


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