Goodbye is really see ya later

As I write this, we are awaiting the passing of a very dear friend and sister in Christ. What a loyal and faithful servant she was and has been. In the last 3 wks. We have buried 3 friends in the Lord, married a beautiful couple, and now this. We stopped to see her coming in from the wedding on Sunday and she very emphatically told us in her words “I ain’t scared, I’m ready! 3 times back to back! So confident in her love for Jesus and knowing her pain will end soon, you see this woman has been through it for quit sometime. Someone asked me tonight they just didn’t understand why so much suffering would come to such a good woman. How do you respond to that? There are many times we don’t have an answer but I have pondered on this all night, and I believe I just explained it in a nut shell. She was a loyal friend to those she called friend, she was a faithful and loyal wife, mother and grandmother. She was a mentor, an artist, and would take over any project she could get her hands on. But you see, there are many things people never saw. The prayers for others, the tears, the support and she was a true pastors friend. And I have to put a plug in for him, because he never walked in the room that she didn’t refer to him as “her buddy, her “preacher man”. She loved and respected him as a pastor, preacher but mostly as a friend. If you knew her you knew beyond anything she was VERY family oriented she loved them so much, and what those friends saw….well they saw a woman not without flaws or pre tense, but as a woman that was flawed but Saved by The Grace of God. And what those friends saw in her they would tell others about her. She often mentioned to me she just didn’t understand why The Lord let her stay alive, and in so much distress, I don’t know but I do know that through all of those things we will NEVER know the lives she touched until the day He calls her home. Although our hearts are heavy they are full too, just knowing there will be no more suffering, no more pain, poking prodding, surgeries, and so much more. She isn’t gone just yet, but I can just hear her now, Lord I’m waiting there are folks I need to see, lets get this done.! She is anxiously awaiting His ushering. Fly high sweet sister love of mine, I along with so many others will miss you like crazy! 






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