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As this week has progressed for me, there are many life changing things flooding my mind. I have a granddaugter graduating, another granddaughter getting married in 3 weeks, and then horrific news about a family member who is my very heart. has sent my my thinking process is interupted mode. I also realize that without Jesus Christ standing in between me and God I would be ashes. So, Gods Grace has to be enough for me. Which brings me to an important but tender subject. I have had many very close losses, from very young to even now! So here it is in a nut shell. First. don’t blame others, your who you are and you are the one that has to live with either having or not having a loving encounter toward that person. So I want to ask you if something happened to someone you love, and it devistates you, do you think any regret will creep in? Oh you can come up with excuses , like it’s my fault, its their fault. Not one , and I mean NOT ONE can say I did everything possible, to tell that person that they needed The Lord, or how much you loved them. There are some that are bold, but it’s like i have had to remind myself daily that Gods will and loving purpose has to be enough to accept the high and lows of life. So spend that time, love the ones your with, as if it would be the last time you would see them. We are not promised our next breath , but with that last breath I want to look back and say, I have no regrets, I loved to the best of my ability, I spent quality time, I loved and was loved back. What more can we hope for. If you make an ammens with that person, The Lord will tell us well done thy good and fathful. And that my friends is just icing on the cake . Don’t let anyone else slip through your life without spending every single moment possible living with love and forgiveness.

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