Lets talk about fear for a bit, how many times have you been told your not good enough, your not right, your not strong enough to put up a good fight? Well personally, I have been made to believe my whole life that I was the baby of the family, I was sickly I had many tragedy’s so I became weak to them. They felt they had to protect me from any and everything, and I believed them. Their intentions were good, I think, but it damages you doesn’t it. I have endured so many things and it took me until my mid 50’s to realize “OH WOW IM NOT WEAK AT ALL” I am strong, and I am mighty, you know why, because Jesus Christ has redeemed me, because Christ loves me, and you and He wishes that none should perish but come to repentance in Christ Jesus….amen?
How about when fear tells you your not worthy, your not loved, your not pretty, or handsome, that you’ll never be enough?
You are worthy, only through Jesus, you are loved by THE CREATOR of the UNIVERSE, and we are going to let people tell us or make us feel less than, when we are royalty. (you know if as many people were so infatuated with God like they were with the Royal wedding, and focus on the only Real Royalty Jesus Christ, man what a different world this would be.

Food for thought
Be Blessed

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