Well….here we are the Holidays are here, and we are scrambling to find just that right gift. Not so easy for the many grands I have that are all old enough to be picky. I believe that we have RUINED this generation of kids. Many of them have the entitled mentality. And that is our fault…However if we are raising our children in the way they should go, the bible says they will return to it. But that’s not even the message I want to relay. I want to tell you of a Savior that no matter our rotten or ruined we are as a generation, The Lord our God still loves us. Can you imagine the love that it takes to find forgiveness, and compassion but most of al the unconditional love He shows us everyday, So in the hustle and bustle of this season, REMEMBER on thing if you never think of this again….you are an amazing BLANK canvas, that he is continually making beautiful brush strokes to cover our messes, SECOND CHANCES one after another, So don’t GET STUCK .

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