Do not fear Our God is Here

Insight from just me…do you remember when 9/11 happened and The Lord was sought out more then He had been in years! Well…where has our faith gone? We are all so worried…and I’m not saying we shouldn’t be being extra cautious but isn’t this kind of like a terror attack? We are being terrorized by a virus! Look up friends look for The only One that can flood in with healing and peace! Your not going to find it in a person, a bottle, a drug , or anything , youwull only find it in our deliverer Jesus Christ. Call me a fanatic, freak, hypocrite (which we all are in some ways) but this may just be someone’s wake up call your final chance! If you aren’t sure who your soul belongs to or k ow how to receive Him, message me! He is the giver of good and perfect things, He isn’t doing this however in His permissive will is allowing it, but man has done this DO T BLAME GOD! just be ready friends lift your heads your redemption is drawing close!



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