As Gods children we get so consumed by everything and everyone around us we forget to look up! We forget who told the sun where to shine in the morning , He told the ocean you can only come this far! And He told the moon where to hide til evening ! We forget it’s by His command that we have rain sunshine and not total darkness! However some of us live in total darkness don’t we! We have lost our guiding light , He has become silent! Maybe for a season in your life , maybe because of sin, or maybe you have just stepped away and blame it on Him! But….oh my friends But He is THE GREAT I AM, THE BEGINNING AND THE END,THE FIRST THE LAST OUR EVERYTHING! He gives us life instructions it’s not His fault we stray to the other side of the fence! Being a Christian is the most rewarding smart and wonderful thing or decision you could ever make! He is waiting… look up child!

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