As Iron Sharpens Iron

Proberts 27:17As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.

As we continue to go thru these times of testing , or at least i do find the need to share my heart with a friend. Maybe its a woman thing, i don’t know, But what i gather from this passage of scripture is that we are suppose to keep one another encouraged, on our toes, know that someone is thinking and praying for us. When we do that it builds up The Body of Christ. There is nothing worse then a ” dull” Christian. Just along for the ride. I hate to admit it, but I have been there. Wow, how selfish of me to treat Gods family so flipantly. When our son passed away in 1991, my husband had a high school buddy that was around a lot when that happened. And every year EVERY YEAR on the anniversary date of Eric’s death this friend calls my husband….just to say I love you brother and i am praying for you. You know what, if you couldn’t count on anyone, we can count on James calling my husband. His “brother” in Christ. There are people all around us, especially now with this pandemic going on that need to feel that brotherly/sisterly love. Even if its a face time call, a card, a regular call. Be an encourager today. Sometime those are our biggest blessings. And dear friends WE ARE ALL SOOOO BLESSED! I pray you will try to follow those guidlines. As iron sharpens iron… the countenance of a man is sharpened. Be Blessed friends, and stay out of harms way, we love ya’ll.

Blessings ……Sheila

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