Are you a raging fire, burning ember or dwindled to ash?

I ask this because I am reading a book titles UNQUENCHABLE BY CAROL KENT! Let me just say this book could not come at a better time in my life, and possibly yours. In the times of uncertainty we are in its been a breath of fresh air! I want to give some of my thoughts on some of the things I have read. Mrs. Kent refers in a part of the book about burning embers! So in order to get an ember you have to have a hot fire. To have a hot fire you have to have something g to ignite it. So think back to possibly a time when you were so on fire for The Lord and you wanted to charge hell with a water gun. And maybe your still there, but she also talks about when the fire goes out and begins to fade and we are the fire we begin to lose hope, see negatively ,live negatively, and our fire slowly goes to an ember. But the thing about those embers is that under that heap of ash there is a small ember still hot all it needs is to be reignited! What do we hold back for? Why do we wait until the bottom drops out many times or something situational and we long for that fire when all along all we has to do is fan that ember fan our faith begin to let the flame start back up get our Jesus back on, and we won’t be weighed down so heavy with the hurt and disappointments of this life. Because I’m going to tell you people will let you down, friends will disappoint you, family will abandon you…BUT MY JESUS HE IS RIGHT HERE and He always will be ready when you or I take that ember and let it start burning again, or we can let it die out and become ash and feel totally alone. Dear friends I pray we will all evaluate our lives to see if we are fanning the flames or are we blowing on ashes?

God bless


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