The days gone by

Well, as it’s obvious it’s been a while since i have posted on my blog. I can blame it on many things, but when it all gets down to it the blame stops with me. I let depression of what is going on around us in this world take control of my life, and i let it control me for a time. I’m over it, over this “pandemic ” and sick of allowing the enemy to fill us with lies and complacency just so we feel better. NO MORE! Which brings me to a topic i have currently been plagued with. ‘ The topic of forgiveness and salvation. I had the opportunity years ago to lead a friend of mine to salvation. But in our journey to get there a question was brought up that i think many are plagued with that we seem to overlook. Many people struggle with….”religion” ! So lets get something straight, that i believe to be the most important thing, is NOT what religion you are or you choose, it’s your heart condition that is the most important. Accepting Jesus as your Savior over your life is the easiest decision you will ever make! You don’t have to worry …OH WHAT RELIGEON WILL I BE, SHOULD I BE? Get your heart condition right with Jesus first then let the rest come. God will lead you to what, where and how He wants you to serve. Don’t worry about changing….God changes you from the inside out. If you struggle with whatever, you slowly begin to see a change, a change that manifests over time. I am so thankful The Lord has given me more time, more time for worship, fellowship and most of all more time to be instrumental in bringing the lost to Jesus.! After all isn’t or shouldn’t that be our ultimate goal? Jesus is mighty to save! I have had the pleasure of speaking with a family member that has been told so many different stories in his life he just followed what he heard. Made his decisions based on what he heard. Thing is much of what he was told was to build up the one that was fabricating the truth to him. Sometime trying to protect him from the truth. The fact is, if the truth would have just been spoken over him to begin with who knows the difference that would have made and saved him from some life altering events. But we serve a God that is the God of new life and new beginnings. We serve a God that loves us in spite of us, and is Not willing that any of His children perish without the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

So in a nut shell, just be honest tell your loved ones the truth no matter how sorted the details, and Let Our Father in heaven take care of the rest. All these things will pass away be The word of The Lord stands the test of time, and all else. Make no mistake He knows your heart, He knows the root of your soul. He knows YOUR NAME, and HE IS WAITING! Run to Him, fall into His arms and let the emptyness be filled with His love and His peace, always knowing His perfect will is what we seek in our lives! Thank you Lord for allowing the life I spoke with, to hear the truth, in many aspects, to bring true healing to the soul.

In Christ Service


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