About the Author

Have you ever asked WHY? Why my Lord, What have I done Lord, you get the idea. She has had many instances in life where that word plagued her over and over. Understand that she did not have an ideal life, definitely not normal, but through Christ she has been able to overcome, but not without struggle.

She began writing Here Jesus…Catch November 2017 after a chaplain came in her hospital room letting her know that he felt led by The Lord to come to her room to deliver a message “NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR HOPE”.  As the conversation continued he then told her that she was suppose to write a book. Laughingly she told him she was far from qualified and had way to many medical issues that would prevent that to happen. He encouraged her that he believed she was suppose to write. So she took pen to paper and began to write her autobiography also promoting a message of hope and inspiration.  You see, she had been a part of, or affected by deaths, suicides, severe illnesses, addictions and much more. She cover’s a multitude of these issues in the book to show the reader that you can overcome adversities, you can heal, you can do all things, through Christ who gives you strength. Without Christ in her life she truly knows she would not be here today.

Although this book may be a bit harsh in places, and at times unbelievable, it is meant to show the reader God’s constant Grace and Protection. She prays Here Jesus…Catch will intrigue you to want to here more and pick up the book and read it.

Thank You and God Bless You,
Sheila Roberts/Jean Smith